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History of Bubble's Cat Club Films and Paul J. Ramsey

Bubble was Paul J. Ramsey's Siamese Kitty who lived to the ripe old age of seventeen. Bubble's Cat Club started as a small music club in the early 90s in Richmond, KY that showcased original music acts. Bands played on a 6" stage in a small dark room with low ceilings, tile floors, groovy artwork, colored lamps and vinyl chairs. Picture a 70s basement with a 90s music groove!!! Bubble's Cat Club changed the local live music scene in Kentucky.

Paul is a trained film and video producer/director who has over 25 years of professional experience experience in all forms of studio and field film and video production as well as an extensive background in live audio recording and live music mixing and production. Paul worked for the national television network The Learning Channel and has done contract work for ESPN, NBC, The Biography Channel, The Boys and Girls Club and The Office of Juvenile Justice and Deliquency Prevention among others inckuding LIVE mixing for local and national touring bands and acts. Paul has worked local television production with local news, cable advertising, school systems and civic groups and OTHER contract work and productions.


Paul currently works as an Educational Media Producer with the Instructional Development Center at Eastern Kentucky University and teaches video and film courses in the Broadcasting and Electronic Media and Recreation and Parks Administation departments at EKU.


Bubble's Cat Club Films grew out of Paul's love for films and video and need to create art. Paul started R.I.P. Video (Ramsey Independent Production Video) out of college to work on small projects while trying to find his way in the media world.  After years of working on films and TV show projects Paul started, an independent television and video production company.


Some health issues including 34+ years of insulin dependent Type I diabetes, heart valve replacement surgery, kidney failure followed by 2 years of dialysis and kidney and pancreas transplant surgery slowed down Paul some but he kept working on short "no budget" video projects for fun.

After Paul's health situation improved he started working with some local actors and producers on small independendent YouTube shows and comedy sketches. Having worked as a crew member on numerous short and independent films in the past and now having the funds and equipment available to produce and direct films himself, Paul started Bubble's Cat Club Films to produce stories and ideas he wanted to present to the world.


Bubble's Cat Club Films is producing creative short films with the high production quality, techniques and standards Paul has learned over his 25+ years of professional experience.

– Inspirational quote from my favorite director

            Robert Rodriguez

Bubble's Cat Club Films

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